Pedestrian Accident

Immediately contacting us after your accident can help us gather vital information about your case. Details are remembered best right after the accident, and the more detail you can give us, the stronger case we can present.

When to Contact a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Having a pedestrian accident lawyer from Kurasch & Klein can help you fight for justice against those who have inflicted injuries on you. Contact a pedestrian accident attorney at Kurasch & Klein to help you determine if:

pedestrian accident
  • The driver of the car was negligent, causing your accident
  • Your medical insurance company is not going to cover your hospital and care expenses
  • The driver of the car was uninsured
  • You were involved in a hit and run accident
  • You want to see the responsible party brought to justice


People walk across the street every day, most without anything more disruptive to their routine than a flashing red hand. That might have been your situation until something horrible happened—you were hit by a car. Injuries from being hit by a car can be as little as a few scrapes and bruises. In your case, the injuries might have been serious enough to require medical attention. When you feel ready to take action against the person who hurt you, no matter what your injuries were, a pedestrian accident injury lawyer at Kurasch & Klein can help you do so.

Your Chicago Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer

Our team of pedestrian accident lawyers at Kurasch & Klein are dedicated to putting your wishes and needs first. We love what we do, which means we are able to bring passion and dedication to our clients in every case. As your pedestrian accident injury lawyers, we will always keep you in the loop about your case. Contact us today to get us fighting for you.

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