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Drunk Driver Collision

Chicago Car Crash Attorneys

Holding the responsible parties accountable for an accident involving alcohol is an important step to take. Filing a lawsuit after a drunk driver collision should be done when:

  • Someone you love was killed during the accident
  • The accident caused you irreparable physical and/or mental harm
  • Your insurance company is not giving you the settlement that you deserve
  • Your insurance carrier is acting in bad faith
  • You want to legally fight back against the person(s) who caused you this pain

Taking legal action after your accident will never take the physical and emotional pain that you experienced away, but it can see justice served. When you have decided that you want to do all that is legally possible to seek restitution, contact the experienced injury attorneys at Kurasch & Klein today.


Drunk Driver Accident

Fight for Justice With a Chicago Injury Lawyer

Shattered glass. Broken bones. Police sirens. After you have been involved in a drunk driver collision, your life is never the same. You will carry the memories, and possibly the injuries, from the accident for the rest of your life. Afterward, medical bills start piling up quickly—and the insurance companies do not cover nearly enough. You might be looking at years of physical therapy in addition to the emotional pain and suffering you have gone through. When you find yourself in this type of nightmare due to an intoxicated driver, the Chicago car accident lawyers at Kurasch & Klein can help.

We have been named Illinois “Super Lawyers” since 2005 for a reason—we go the extra mile for our clients. We fight with you, side by side, to seek justice on you or your family member’s behalf. The accident might have changed your life, but with the help of Kurasch & Klein, you can send the message that what happened is not okay and assure that justice is served.

Drunk Driver Collisions in Illinois

In Illinois, the legal blood alcohol limit (BAC) is .08 for drivers 21 years of age or older. BAC limits are lower for minors and drivers of commercial vehicles. Despite laws against drunk driving, on average:

  • 10 people are pulled over every day in Chicago because of a suspected DUI
  • 3,795 people were arrested in Chicago for drunk driving in 2013

It is estimated that one third of all traffic accidents in the state of Illinois involve alcohol. As a result, hundreds of people are injured or lose a loved one because of drunk driving. An experienced accident lawyer can help you recover damages so that you do not suffer financially for someone else’s reckless behavior.

Illinois personal injury laws entitle victims of drunk driving accidents to a number of types of compensation, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage

Although compensation cannot undo the physical and emotional damage caused by your accident, it can prevent you from bearing an undue financial burden for someone else’s unlawful behavior.

However, insurance companies will often attempt to settle for compensation amounts far below what you deserve. In order to know the types and amount of financial compensation you may be eligible for and to effectively fight to get it, you need an experienced attorney.

Seek Justice after a Drunk Driving Accident

The personal injury lawyers at Kurasch & Klein have more than three decades of experience helping victims of drunk driving accidents in Chicago get the compensation they deserve. Let us help you. We have the knowledge, experience and compassion to help you begin to financially recover from tragedy. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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