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Careless Driver Accident

Chicago Car Crash Lawyers

When you are driving on any type of road, other drivers trust you to follow the laws and to operate your vehicle with caution. You also trust other drivers to do the same. Sometimes, drivers get careless with the way they handle their vehicles. Careless driver accidents can result in injuries and damage, possibly even death. When you have found yourself the victim of this kind of collision, a Chicago personal injury lawyer from Kurasch & Klein can help you fight for justice against the responsible parties.


Careless and Distracted Driving

Distracted Car Accident

These days, it is nearly impossible to drive down a main street in Chicago without seeing a distracted driver. It could be a teen or young adult texting while driving, an older businessperson talking on the phone while driving, or a couple sharing food while operating their car. These accidents can be caused by a variety of other things, including:

  • Applying makeup
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Having an argument while operating a vehicle
  • Operating a GPS system
  • Changing the radio station or music selection

When something goes wrong and a distracted driver causes a car accident, severe life-threatening injuries can be sustained, and the effects can last a lifetime. If you have been harmed because another driver breached their duty of care in this manner, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of their negligent conduct. Damages under these circumstances can cover things like medical care costs, lost income, and other amounts. When you have been the victim of a texting and driving accident, you need legal help. Contact the injury attorneys at Kurasch & Klein to discuss your case right away.

After You Have Been in a Careless Driver Accident

Careless Driver

Once you have recovered from the shock and pain of your injuries, obtaining legal representation can help you financially recover after your auto accident. Seeking legal help from Kurasch & Klein is one of the first steps to returning to life after the accident. In preparation for your lawsuit, it is important to collect:

  • Information about the accident
  • Medical records and bills
  • Wage loss information
  • Pictures of injuries that were sustained

Contact the injury lawyers at Kurasch & Klein today to discuss your case. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve, and are experienced in negotiating fair settlements from insurance companies.

Your Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Kurasch & Klein consists of a dedicated team of attorneys who put your needs before our own. From start to finish, our team of professionals will be committed to helping you seek justice after you have been in a careless driver accident—we are on your side. Our clients have always been our number one priority and we take great pride in serving you. For a Chicago personal injury law firm that puts your needs first, contact the experienced accident lawyers at Kurasch & Klein today.

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