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Medical malpractice law is a specific kind of personal injury law. It refers to claims that a doctor, or a nurse, or a dentist, or a chiropractor, or a hospital, or anyone else involved in delivering healthcare services, has made a mistake. Even an excellent healthcare professional, who almost never make mistakes, can occasionally make a mistake. Most often, a healthcare professional’s mistake does not result in serious injury, and/or can be corrected. Every once in a while, though, a medical mistake results in a very serious injury, or even death, to a patient.

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medical malpracticeMedical malpractice law has been very much in the news lately. Politicians, most of whom have no actual knowledge of this area of the law, often like to suggest that medical malpractice claims are the single most important reason healthcare costs are so high. People who know the real reasons for high medical care costs, however, also know that medical malpractice claims have almost no impact on those costs.

Potential Medical Malpractice Claims – Chicago, IL

Every potential medical malpractice claim needs to be reviewed by an experienced medical malpractice attorney. The attorneys at Kurasch & Klein, who collectively have secured millions of dollars in medical malpractice awards for their clients, carefully examine the medical records of many clients in the course of every single year. These records are carefully reviewed by our lawyers, as well as by doctors and nurses the firm has worked with over the years, to discover whether a client’s care fell below the standard of care required of the profession. A successful medical malpractice claim requires two things, and it requires them both:

  1. Medical care that was negligent
  2. Serious and permanent injury that was caused by that negligence.

If either one of these two elements is missing, there can be no successful medical malpractice claim.

Chicago Medical Malpractice Law

It is almost unheard of that a doctor or other healthcare provider will admit to a patient that he/she made a mistake. After all, no one likes to admit to a mistake. At Kurasch & Klein, we’ve even run into cases where healthcare professionals attempted to cover up their mistakes by altering records. While it is true that medical care can result in unfortunate outcomes even without anyone being negligent, it never hurts to have medical records reviewed by experienced medical malpractice lawyers when the end result was bad, and unexpected.